Supervision Experience: Phd. Students

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  1. Isabirye, N (2015) A Framework for Enhancing Trust for Improved Participation in E-marketplaces accessed from Mobile Platforms
  2. Tuyikeze, T. (2014) A Process Maturity Assessment Framework of the Information Security Policy Development Life Cycle
  3. Ngoqo, B. (2014) The Establishment of a Mobile Phone Information Security Culture: linking student awareness and behavioural intent
  4. Allam, S. (2014) Model to Improve Smartphone Information Security Awareness
  5. Cilliers, L. (2013) A Public Safety, Participatory Crowdsourcing Smart City Model for a Developing Country
  6. Ndiege, J. (2013) Absorptive Capacity and Information Technology Adoption Strategies in Kenyan SMEs (I was co- supervisor)
  7. Johl, C. (2013) A Value Framework for Information and Communication Technology Governance in South African Higher Education Institutions (I was co-supervisor)
  8. Piderit, R. (2012) A Model for Enhancing Trust in South African Automotive Supply Chains Through Information Technology

mini research projects

MTech Information Technology at NMMU

  1. Owen, M. (2009) An Enterprise Information Security Model for a Micro Finance Company: A Case Study

  2. Kilian, R. (2009) Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and How to Ensure Compliance with Specific Reference to TelkomSA

  3. Tansley, N. (2008) A Methodology for Measuring and Monitoring IT Risk (I was co-supervisor)

  4. Deas, M. (2008) Towards a User Centric Model for Identity and Access Management within the Online Environment

  5. Martin, M. (2007) Developing a Model to Determine the Feasibility of a Localised Project Management Office for a National IT company